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The journey from Imbalance to Balance
  28 Jul'2018

We often go through life, feeling that our life is out of control, it is imbalanced, and things are just not going our way. We feel stressed out, restless, irritable, and struggle to make sense of our lives. We often keep wondering how we can have a better life, how we can be happier or find more peace and joy.


One of the things that we need to understand is that we live in a vibrational universe. Here, everything is vibration and like attracts like. This is what the law of attraction says. So, if this law is true, then we are basically only attracting what we vibrate. If we were to raise our vibrations we would obviously attract good stuff into our lives, and vice versa. Even if we are not able to continuously emit positive vibrations, we should try and see that we have some balance between our negative vibrations and our positive ones.


Invariably, we humans seem to be geared towards negativity and imbalance. If you were to examine one or two days of your life (and this is true for most of the human race) you will find that your thoughts, words and actions are more negative than positive. All of us tend to blame others more than taking responsibility or blame ourselves, we tend to criticize, complain, crib, form opinions and pass judgments about others and we tend to avoid examining our behaviors or actions as much as we of others.


As a result, we tend to be negative in our behavior. To create a balance, we need to at least need to have one positive thought, word or action for every negative one that we have. But if we see ourselves (and others) we find that we tend to generate roughly eighty to ninety percent negative thoughts and words in our daily life and only ten to twenty percent positivity. The amount of blame or criticism we offer is rarely matched by an equal amount of praise, or appreciation or encouragement or friendly advice. We are quick to judge and condemn but very slow to praise.


And while we all curse our luck or destiny or fate, or others for our problems, we rarely show gratitude or thankfulness for the things we have. People, possessions, social position, money, health---all are taken for granted and we don’t even think about them, as long as they are doing fine. How many of us regularly give thanks and show gratitude for what we have today, for the fact that we are alive, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table? Very few of us do. But let any of these be taken away, even for a day, and we come down heavily on everything.


It is okay if we are indifferent and neither complain or praise. That itself brings a balance of no negativity/ no positivity. But we don’t even do that. We become one sided. We rarely show love, we rarely show appreciation, and we rarely offer forgiveness. This skewed ratio, where our thoughts actions and words are highly negatively oriented, with very little positive thoughts or actions to counterbalance the negativity, is one main reason for life becoming imbalanced. When we are imbalanced in our consciousness, that is what life reflects back to us.


So, it is time we became aware of this, and made a sincere effort to inject and introduce more positivity in our lives, by loving more, forgiving more, thanking more, and having heartfelt gratitude for this life and for all the blessings that we have been endowed with.


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